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Having led Open Bible Churches’ Women’s Network for ten years, its national director, Rev. Kris Beaird, is stepping down.

KBeaird_WND_cropUnder Kris’s leadership, Women’s Network raised money for five different national missions projects and raised $240,400 for the Missionary Care Fund. Global Missions Director Vince McCarty said, “We thank Kris and the Women’s Network board for all their hard work and sacrifice to fund the education of our missionary children and the special projects for Papua New Guinea, Spain, Dominican Republic, Cambodia, and West Africa.”

Kris also led the Network board in some more innovative ministry work. In May of 2012 the Women’s Network board joined 120 women from other organizations across the country on a venture to New York City, where they ministered to many in need and provided makeovers for women in the city’s shelters. In 2016 the team visited Nogales, Mexico, to experience the ministry of missionaries Bill and Fayth McConnell.

“Kris Beaird provided exemplary and transitional leadership for Open Bible’s Women’s Network for ten years,” said President Randall A. Bach. “She is gifted with a grace and gentleness that enwraps a passionate leadership drive to make a difference for God. Her coaching orientation and training have been a blessing to many people. Kris also skillfully guided the Women’s Network as its leadership transitioned from that of a national director working with five regional directors to five regional directors who collaborate and regularly consult to provide leadership for Open Bible women’s ministries. Well done, Kris!”

Women’s Network will continue through the collective leadership of regional Women’s Network directors.

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