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Dr. Jim Beaird

Dr. Jim Beaird

Dr. Jim Beaird’s second book, The Providence Factor, is now available through Amazon. It recounts the events in the life of Joseph and how God used those events to develop him for the providential task of saving two nations.

“Every person needs to gain an understanding of the process in which God weaves differing textures and colors into the fabric of their lives,” said Beaird. “He allows unexpected circumstances and situations as a necessary part of their development. All they see and feel is the pain and discomfort associated with a particular test or trial. Yet, God has a plan. He knows what is ahead. He’s shaping a world-changer!”

God has a plan…

He knows what’s ahead…

He’s shaping a world-changer!

The Providence Factor is part of a series. The first book was The Proximity Factor. Watch for The Prayer Factor and The Perseverance Factor.

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