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How can people know a God who has existed since before time and creation? How can people understand what God is like when the world overflows with differing concepts about Him? How can you even believe in a God you can’t touch or see?

People throughout history have attempted to reach out to God. Yet the Bible, God’s personal words directed to us, says every person has sinned – no grading scale of big versus little sins. That sin keeps us from God. Old Testament accounts are filled with people conducting animal sacrifices to avoid God’s punishment for their offenses. This process, called atonement, compensated for sin by offering a living sacrifice. It was gory and messy. Too often this sacrificial ritual constituted a fear-based religion, a constant struggle to make amends for the anticipated anger and punishment of a God they still didn’t know.

God agreed. People needed a way to atone for their conduct and to relate to Him. To provide both, Jesus was born.

John 3:16 (KJV) is perhaps the most widely memorized scripture from the Bible. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth on Him will not perish but have everlasting life.” Divinely conceived by the Holy Spirit, Jesus was born to a young woman in the humblest of circumstances. No more distant God. Instead He made Himself known through Jesus, who walked and lived as one of us (except without sin). God wanted us to know Him.

What’s more, God dispensed with the practice of animal sacrifices by providing the ultimate sacrifice, Jesus, His Son, as an ongoing atonement for sin. This was the most important turning point in the history of humankind.

That being said, how can we know God hears us when we pray? Does He care and answer? God agreed that we need such assurance. So, after His crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus was given a special role in heaven, that of serving as our advocate to God. It is as if we have our own attorney – an intercessor – who hears and understands our story and presents it on our behalf to the judge. No more groping in the darkness in fear. In addition, the words of Jesus and His servants, our guidance for life, live on in the Bible.

By acknowledging Jesus as God’s Son and His atonement of your sins, God will agree to embrace you, forgive you, provide for you, and grant you life in heaven after your time on earth concludes. God will agree with you and call you His own.

Suggested prayer: God, I accept Jesus as your Son. I ask You to forgive my sins. Come into my life and make Yourself known to me. Lead and guide me to become everything I can and should be. I believe You love me. I will also determine to grow in love for You.”

If you prayed that prayer, this season is packed with meaning. God is saying to you, “Merry Christmas!”

About The Author

Randall Bach
President of Open Bible Churches

Randall Bach delights in opportunities to serve the Lord, including his current assignment as president of Open Bible Churches. He and Barbara, his wife, have been in ministry for over 46 years and call it “Our adventure together.” Randall loves the church, pastors, and church leaders and is convinced that God loves to work through them to make disciples, develop leaders, and plant churches.