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Members of Harvest Land Ministries in Clarkston, Michigan, pastored by Peter Freeman, had been brainstorming ways to reach their community when the Lord gave one of the church’s members, Romy Kochan, a vision. In the vision an ice cream truck-like vehicle was rolling through the city streets, but instead of the words “Ice Cream Truck” on its side, the words “The Prayer Truck” were emblazoned onto the truck. People were waving at and chasing after the truck as kids pursue an ice cream truck.

Harvest Land3 Clarkston MI
Romy told her husband, Chris, about the vision, and he began looking for a vehicle. Soon enough they were driving down the streets of Detroit, letting the Holy Spirit tell them where to go and what to do. The couple make personal prayer maps, writing down things about a person God wanted them to look for, such as their physical description or a name. The Prayer Truck has taken teams to Detroit, Flint, and other surrounding communities in Michigan, resulting in numerous testimonies. Recently one member witnessed a woman who had received prayer over her finances on Christmas running after the truck just like Romy had seen in the vision God gave her. The woman had flagged down the truck to tell the team that her social security check had doubled, her rent went down, and she could now afford to pay her bills!

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