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By Andrea Johnson

Some people, recalling an idyllic upbringing, would love to relive their childhood years. My childhood wasn’t horrible, but I would not want to go back for all the anti-aging creams in the world.

I was determined that my children’s growing up years would be happier. I thought that marrying a Christian would prevent me from having to struggle with the issues my mom faced. Instead, because of my husband’s immoral choices, I too was headed for divorce. I tried to provide for my children’s needs, but on the day I heard my six-year-old son say, “I wish I had never been born,” I felt I had been sucker-punched. He was no happier than I had been at his age. It felt as if we were in a generational rut.

Perhaps you too feel trapped in a generational rut, enslaved by the mindset of past generations. You would like to break out of that mold but change is scary. Present circumstances, no matter how troubling, are familiar. The Israelites lived for years as slaves in Egypt. God delivered them and was prepared to send them into the Promised Land, but they too were afraid. They would have to fight “giants” in unfamiliar territory. In fact, they would rather return to their life of slavery in Egypt, to their “familiar” place. They couldn’t even imagine how wonderful the Promised Land would be.

They forgot all the mighty works the Lord had performed to secure their release and safely lead them through the Red Sea, providing everything they needed. They were overwhelmed, acting as if they would be fighting the giants on their own.

Maybe God has tried to lead you out of a dark place, but you are scared. I too was afraid to leave my circumstances. It required a move into unfamiliar territory. I would need help. But I didn’t want my children to be enslaved in the same darkness I had been.

The Lord didn’t “part the seas,” but He did enable me to overcome obstacles that to me seemed just as huge. He may not have sent an angel to go before me, but He sent amazing people who were angels to me. He provided everything we needed.

If you are ready to leave your rut, face down your giants. Remind them they are no match for your God. Nelson Vargas, in our feature article, did just that. So can you.

About The Author

Andrea Johnson
Managing Editor

In her spare time you will most likely find Andrea Johnson with family or friends, or outdoors hiking. She and her husband, Dennis, are blessed with four children and five grandchildren.