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By Jan Kent

You want to write. You have “good stuff” you feel “called” to share. But then you notice there’s not enough “good stuff” for a whole book. Nonetheless you’re “called” to write.

Well, if you’re “called” to write, WRITE! Do you know how powerful a handwritten letter can be? You’ve saved a few you’ve received from others in a safe place, haven’t you? Each time you see that letter, you open it, you re-read it, you remember….

One day you’ll realize you won’t always “be there” for those you love as they traverse their journey on this planet. You’ll think of everything you wish you’d told them – those “things I wish I’d known sooner” kinds of thoughts. So write those thoughts down! Write when your loved one turns 16 or 30 or 70. Write when they leave home for college. Write when they announce there’s a baby on the way. Write when they are struggling.
Don’t PREACH. Just share how with the Lord’s strength you conquered your own battles. Share the Scripture verses that got you through.

Write when they need to hear “God designed you, God knows you, God is always there for you, and so am I.” Write when they need to be reminded that God is merciful, God is ever faithful, and God is incredibly long-suffering. Write when they need to hear, yet again, that no one is perfect and that’s why Jesus died for us, forgives us, and wants us to move on without looking back.

Write when they need to hear “the Comforter, even the Holy Spirit, whom the Father shall send in my name, he shall TEACH you all things and REMIND you of all the things I have told you” (John 14:27).

A written piece affords multiple exposures to compelling answers to a tough concept not yet understood or accepted.

Write – in a book, over a door post, on a scroll, chiseled on a stone, wherever. “Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart” (Proverbs 3:3). Write words that strengthen, encourage, and comfort … words that remind us of all God has done.

It’s possible that my most important letters were written to younger relatives approaching a milestone. Before I mailed one relative a “you’re 16 now” letter, I telephoned him. I told him I’d written him a letter but that I wanted to read it to him before I mailed it. “I want you to hear my voice every time you read what I’ve written.” I said. “I won’t always be here in person, but these are some things I wish I’d known sooner than I did.”

Never miss an opportunity for connections with those with whom you have relationships. Maybe after you’re gone, someone will rediscover those handwritten letters and maybe that someone will be led to publish your book! So when will you write?

What are some opportune times to write?
• Times of transitions • Milestone birthdays
• Graduations • Marriage • Approaching
parenthood • Joining the military
• Leaving for college • Career derailment
• Difficult prognosis • Loss of a loved one
• When offering apologies or forgiveness
• Celebrating honorable moments

To read a letter Jan wrote to her great nephew, go HERE

MSG-Kent-Hornshuh-headshot2-0117Jan Hornshuh Kent, an Open Bible minister, is called to have open, authentic, and safe relationships and conversations which help others rise above the low places. Jan, her husband, Jamon Kent, and their four dogs reside east of Eugene, Oregon.

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