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Do you want to financially support the Great Commission through the MVP Venture but aren’t sure which ventures to choose? Would you prefer to just run with your region’s Great Commission vision? You can easily do so. Select your regional MVP vision page on the MVP website, insert the contribution amount desired, and then fill in your credit card information. Your contribution will be invested in the ministries identified as part of your region’s MVP vision.

All regional MVP visions include two key components: the Global Leadership Fund and New Hope Christian College. You can read more about the Global Leadership Fund on page 20 – one of Open Bible’s highest Great Commission priorities that we hope all contributors will include in their MVP giving. In this first year of MVP, all regions are also giving prime consideration to supporting New Hope Christian College.

Regional MVP visions will also include the Great Commission objectives listed by region below as well as church planting (underwriting vital church planter assessments, training, and coaching before a church plant is even launched).


Vision: To Build Healthy Leaders Who Build Healthy Ministries
• Increase the number of healthy churches
• Build a leadership team that embraces the next generation
• Network with other organizations as we seek additional “skilled craftsmen” to accomplish the region’s mission
• See an increase in the total number of people who find Christ, both nationally and around the world


Vision: Develop Emerging Leaders and Plant Churches
• Develop a multi-year commitment to raise up emerging leaders
• Train pastors and church planters
• Equip children’s, youth, and single adult leaders
• Birth new churches
• Release a new wave of missionaries


Vision: Ministry to the Heart of the Leader, Health of the Church, and Harvest of Communities
• Heart of the Leader – Scholarships and internships with New Hope Christian College
• Health of the Church – WallBuilders disaster/makeover teams to churches
• Harvest of Communities – Planting of new churches

Mountain Plains

Vision: Multiplying both the number of leaders in our ministries for and multiplying the number of vibrant new Open Bible churches
• NextGen Ministry: Seeing, sourcing, and sending emerging leaders
• Partnering with churches to birth more churches


Vision: Building Leaders Who Build the Future

• Plant our next ten churches ($10 for 10)
• Send our best students to New Hope Christian College and provide scholarships ($15 for 15)
• Launch INSTE into the world’s largest language group in Taiwan and China ($20 for a billion plus!)

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