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By Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson is the managing editior of the Message of the Open Bible.
She and her husband, Denny, attend Journey Church in Des Moines, Iowa.

The workplace has been referred to as the largest mission field in the world. To reach this field, Open Bible Churches has entered into a partnership with Marketplace Chaplains, a ministry that shares God’s love with employees in the workplace environment by providing care service through chaplain teams. MSG-Marketplace-Doug-Fagerstrom-webIts mission is to serve as many as possible of the 198 million Americans who go to work daily.

Since 1984 Marketplace Chaplains has ministered in public and private companies, small and large, in all types of industries of the U.S. President and CEO Dr. Doug Fagerstrom said, “Every year God’s favor has been poured out on our 1,500 chaplains in the 50 states, Canada, and Mexico. Many are being brought to the Savior each and every day. In 2017, 137 companies were added, and we recruited, trained and hired over 270 chaplains to serve the employees of each company. This year will be
no different.” The companies Marketplace Chaplains serves include auto dealers, banks, food processing and distribution firms, and manufacturing, mining, and technical companies. 

Marketplace chaplains receive proper training before they begin to serve as caregivers to the marketplace. This prepares them to help employees through difficult personal and family situations such as parenting, managing stress and finances, caring for aging parents, and handling marriage and other relationships. Chaplain teams support employees and family members through illnesses, deaths, funerals, and other times of grief. They may be called upon to visit employees or family members in hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, or jails. Chaplains also connect new believers with local churches where they can grow in their faith and share their spiritual gifts. Every four minutes an employee reaches out to a chaplain.

Chaplains who work with Marketplace Chaplains are paid, making this an ideal opportunity for church planters and bi-vocational pastors to minister in the marketplace and receive income while doing it!

MarketplaceChaplains-logo-webBecause of our partnership with Marketplace Chaplains, Open Bible ministers are considered prime prospects when Marketplace Chaplains needs a new chaplain. When more chaplains are needed, their staff will contact one of Open Bible’s five regional executive directors for recommendations from the region. 

Dr. Fagerstrom states, “Our most recent partnership with the Open Bible Churches is a great delight to me. It is a comfort and joy to know that many of our new chaplains will come from your churches. To know future chaplains are teaching God’s Word and worshiping God’s way gives me the assurance that the chaplains hired from your pulpits and pews will bring great glory to God. President Bach and I have been friends for more than ten years. I have great confidence that God will use us together to impact our nation with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in one of the greatest mission fields, the workplace.”

Armando Dominguez, pastor of Primera Iglesia Hispana de la Biblia Abierta, Inc, in Punta Gorda, Florida, has served with Marketplace Chaplains for ten years. He is actually planting a new church to serve people he has met through this ministry. You can read his story here.

What about you? Are you a business owner? If so, Marketplace Chaplains offers you a great opportunity to provide employee care to your employees. Contact the organization at Are you interested in reaching this mission field as a chaplain? If so, contact your regional executive director listed below:

Central Region – Bruce Pfadenhauer at (515) 282-6491
East Region – Tom Rupli at (937) 898-2864
Mountain Plains Region – William Jimenez at (406) 927-6809
Pacific Region – Gary Emery at (541) 343-4021
Southeast Region – Jim Beaird at (813) 681-2425

The marketplace is ready for harvest. Pray for more workers! (Luke 10:2).

About The Author

Andrea Johnson
Managing Editor

In her spare time you will most likely find Andrea Johnson with family or friends, or outdoors hiking. She and her husband, Dennis, are blessed with four children and five grandchildren.