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Nate Beaird has announced that he is stepping down from his position as digital media manager for Open Bible Churches, a position he started February 1, 2012. Before that time Nate consulted for Open Bible Churches in a volunteer and freelance capacity.

Some of Nate’s contributions to Open Bible Churches are as follows:

• Created and built an in-house studio with green-screen technology, teleprompter, and the technology to interview people from around the world
• Built and established Open Bible’s social media presence
• Revamped the national website to be current, easy to manage, and workable with other OBC digital platforms
• Designed and built the Message website
• Worked with an office team to build MVP website 1.0 from scratch and then, coordinating with IT professionals, totally revamped to 2.0 and integrated it with the main website
• Created resource areas on the website so local churches have access to videos as well as all OBC logos
• Advocated for and led development of Message “Online Exclusives,” with freshly posted content and new authors between regular issues of the Message
• Created and managed the OBC Videographer Ministry, coordinating volunteer videographers to provide videos and photos of OBC’s work around the world
• Provided creative and technical leadership and support for national conventions
• Designed and created digital marks and logos
• Revamped the national office’s board room with new technology
• Contributed to the creative zeal, energy, and planning of the national office Communication Team
• Advised OBC ministers and ministry leaders of communication about best practices and new technology

President Randall A. Bach said, “No platform existed for Nate to build on when he arrived. Everything was created from scratch. What he has built and leaves for his successor is a solid launch pad. With Nate, God not only delivered a multi-talented person with fantastic skillsets, but also someone whose heart to serve connected with my heart. Nate Beaird became much more than my first hire as president, more than Open Bible’s digital guru; he became my young friend, cultural interpreter, and advisor. What an absolute delight these six years have been! We have conquered mountains together! His influence has been considerable.”

Nate explained his reason for leaving this position by saying, “I’m very proud of my time with OBC. I’ve had the opportunity to create and build communication systems with good foundations that my successor will be able to take to a whole new level. I love working [at Open Bible], my co-workers, and the resources I’ve been given to do my job effectively. I love working with Randall Bach, a good friend and man of integrity. But over the last year or so, I’ve felt the call to make myself more available to people in and around the marketplace. I highly value that I’m leaving with integrity and relationships as strong as ever, and will always remember my time at the national office fondly.”

Nate enjoys woodworking and spending time with his family. He and his wife, Niki, have two young children and one on the way.

Nate is handing off an exciting opportunity for someone to use their creative gifts and skills for ministry, to participate as part of a creative team, and to make a difference with results that will impact lives. If you or someone you know is interested in this position, follow the button below.

Digital Media Manager Job Description

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