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By Brenda Lane

Steve Wohld with his oldest son, Ethan.

Steve Wohld with his oldest son, Ethan.

Although my son Steve Wohld is an amazing man devoted to God and to his family, he is not immune from tragedy.

On March 13, 2014, Steve and his oldest son, Ethan, were working outside at their home in Centralia, Washington. Ethan, age seven, was picking up sticks so his dad wouldn’t run over them with the riding lawnmower. As his dad had instructed, Ethan had gone to stand by the house where he would be clear of the mower and his dad could see him. But just as Steve started to back the mower down an incline Ethan spotted a stick he had missed. Not wanting his dad to run over it, Ethan darted over to pick it up, failing to estimate the mower’s speed. In the blink of an eye Ethan’s life changed; his dad was horrified to see his son lying face down on the ground and realized what had just happened.

Severely injured, Ethan was airlifted to Seattle. The mower had cut through his buttocks and he had several broken bones. About a week after the accident I was visiting Ethan when he opened his eyes, took my hand, and told me that God was going to heal him. What trust! It took blood transfusions, skin grafting, and two months for him to heal, but thankfully all the scars are hidden. It would take much longer for Steve’s heart to heal. Thankfully, Jessica, my daughter-in-law, was instrumental in helping Steve as much as she helped her oldest son. Today you would never know how badly Ethan had been injured. He has a great attitude and can even play sports.

All of Brenda’s grandchildren are glad she is able to spoil them once again!

All of Brenda’s grandchildren are glad she is able to spoil them once again!

About a year after Ethan’s accident, on March 11, 2015, our family faced another trial. After spending the night in the hospital after bladder surgery, I went home. At first I seemed to be healing but then my pain became excruciating. I began vomiting, my temperature rose, and I suffered extreme chills.

Alex, my husband, rushed me to the hospital where they ran tests and hooked me up to IVs, a heart monitor, a catheter, and oxygen. Unfortunately it took 72 hours to get the blood tests results. In the meantime my condition worsened.

I knew I was dying but was unafraid. I knew the Lord was with me. I became delirious because of the pain and illness and kept my eyes closed because my head hurt so badly. My husband sat quietly all day in a dimmed room. I could hear my grandchildren laugh and say, “Grandma.”

I asked the Lord, “Why so much torture?”

Brenda-Lane-Scott-and-Leslie-Family-2015--2016-017-0317Tests finally revealed that sepsis had entered my kidneys and lungs. Hospital staff did everything they could, but my heart rate was extremely low and my fever continued.

On my worst day I contemplated “letting go” to stop the misery. My husband, sons, and daughters-in-law were all there, so I asked them to go to dinner.

While they were gone I received the most incredible gift. All of my pain and sickness vanished. The Lord lay down beside me, His head just inches from my face. There was no end to the depth of His eyes.

I asked, “Lord, did you come to take me home?”

Brenda-Lane-Steve-family-0317He looked at me with the most gentle, purest, kindest, loving smile I had ever seen. I asked, “Lord, are You going to take me to see Daddy?” I felt my dad’s hand caress the side of my head. I have never felt such peace.

I could hear Steve and my other son, Scott, one on each side of me, brushing my hair back, telling me, “Please don’t leave, Mama! Fight a little harder.” I know the Lord would have taken me if it was my time to go.

About a half hour later I opened my eyes. Both my sons and my husband were standing at the foot of the bed with the most tortured looks on their faces. I could hardly look at them. I kept thinking I had seen that look on Steve’s face before, and later realized it was the same look he had the night of Ethan’s accident.

Brenda-w-sons-Scott-and-SteveMy family is everything to me, so it is very strange to me that I never once thought about what they were going through at the time. I was almost agitated when asked to wake up. The pain returned, but shortly afterward I turned a corner and started to heal.

On my way home from the hospital, I stared out the car window thinking how God gives us so much to enjoy that we take for granted.

I wondered why I went through this experience but the Lord knows our family; we are talkers. We will tell the story! I am grateful for every minute of the pain and sickness because of the time I had with Jesus. Forever I can see His face, His smile, and His eyes. When your heart is ready to meet the Lord, you have nothing to fear.

Brenda-authorBrenda Lane works for Lewis County in Chehalis, Washington. She and her husband, Alex, attend Open Bible Church in Centralia, Washington. Jon Heddens, her pastor says, “Brenda radiates God’s grace wherever she goes.”

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