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Fermín Garcia

Fermín Garcia

Rev. Fermín Garcia was appointed by the INSTE Board of Directors to serve as the new president of Inste Bible College, effective January 1, 2018.

INSTE will host an inauguration ceremony of the new president Saturday, January 13, 2018, from 3:00 – 5:00 p.m. at First Church of the Open Bible in Des Moines, Iowa. A graduation ceremony for students who have finished their diploma/degree program will be held in conjunction with the Presidential Inauguration Ceremony. This event will be on Facebook Live on the INSTE Facebook page.

Fermín has founded many congregations and collaborated with various para-church ministries and non-governmental organizations. He is a progressive leader with a strong call from God to teach His Word with clarity, grace, and love. For the past four years Fermín has served as the National Director of INSTE Mexico. He is also Mexico’s National Director of the NHCLC (National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference). God has used him mightily to mentor and encourage other pastors. Since 2006 Fermín has served as the lead pastor at Grupo Unidad Christian Church based in Tijuana, Mexico.

“Inste Bible College (IBC) exists to make disciples and develop leaders,” Fermín said. “Yet times have changed. This makes the accomplishment of our vision more challenging and yet exciting. In the coming months and years we will work to digitize IBC and expand its influence. We will work closely with Open Bible and its local churches and even other organizations worldwide to make IBC the leading biblical training program in the world. With its high quality of education and expansion to the digital world we will be ready to prepare leaders to change the world for God’s Kingdom.”

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