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Niel Petersen was sitting in church one morning in 2011, following along on his phone with the Bible App (YouVersion) while listening to his dad, Gary Petersen (First Church of the Open Bible in Dayton, OH) preach. Doing a little research, he discovered that the Bible App had been downloaded an astounding 57 million times! Clearly there was a need for mobile apps that serve as ministry tools. People use their smartphones to access information and events like never before.

Mega-churches like Mars Hill and Saddleback had already built custom mobile apps, probably for thousands of dollars apiece, to keep their members connected through their iPhone and Android devices, but for medium and smaller size churches, Neil knew that sort of undertaking was out of the question. The vast majority of churches can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars for a custom built mobile application.

Niel’s brother Nick, who in 2011 was pursuing his doctorate in religious studies, was also an expert programmer/developer. The two brothers collaborated to build a universal mobile application for churches, which any size church could instantly offer to their congregation. The team eventually expanded to include six members, all with the God-given talent to make the ChurchLink App a reality. Officially launched in January 2013, the ChurchLink App is available in both Apple’s App Store (iPhone) and Google Play (Android).

The ChurchLink App is designed to give churches of any size the same great features of a custom-built app – without the headaches and the high costs. ChurchLink allows pastors to upload their sermons, link to their YouTube and Vimeo videos, add events, post blogs, send out alert notifications, and much more. Congregations are provided instant access to their church’s sermon audio, events, prayer requests, online giving, and more. And unlike the difficulties of setting up a website, the ChurchLink App is as easy to set up as a Facebook page.

ChurchLink is an extremely relevant ministry tool for 2013 and beyond, as it allows every pastor to offer a personalized mobile app to their congregation. Although websites are an important part of churches connecting with their congregations, ultimately MANY church-goers are not visiting their websites. These smart phone users prefer to interact with their church through an app. ChurchLink is poised to be one of the fastest growing apps geared towards churches and their congregations in 2013.

Niel Petersen is dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission using mobile technology and the ChurchLink App, one user and one church at a time.

Read more about how the power of the ChurchLink App, and see Open Bible’s discounted price!

About The Author

Nate Beaird

Nate Beaird is a small business owner in Ankeny, Iowa. He and his wife, Niki, have three children, Piper, Jet, and Cali. The Beairds attend Journey Church of the Open Bible in Urbandale, Iowa.