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Random Hero performs at the MVP Night of Rock.

Derek Sissel, lead pastor of Gateway Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, used an innovative plan to raise awareness of MVP (Mission Venture Plan) causes that resonates with people regardless of their faith.

MESSAGE: You started an initiative through Gateway Church called MVP2MVP. Can you share a little about that?

SISSEL: MVP2MVP (Most Valuable Player to Mission Venture Plan) was designed to open up three areas of our church’s contributions (digging a well, freeing a slave, and helping the destitute) to others outside our church moved with passion for these causes. There are some causes all people are passionate about regardless of their faith. We wanted to seize the opportunity to tell the world how they could also take part in meeting these needs.

Utilizing the concert venue and bands that reach across multiple genres, we are able to promote MVP to an audience that would otherwise never hear of it. Our hope and prayer is that these people will be in proximity to the gospel message through their social justice efforts and come to know Christ. So in this way, our motives for this initiative are also very evangelistic. We help advance MVP, while at the same time advance the Great Commission.

MESSAGE: Tell us about Gateway Church’s specific strategy regarding MVP.

SISSEL: Gateway has selected specific contribution areas, including church planting and missionary support, to promote to our people. People are more than welcome to support directly through Open Bible and are aware of It has, however, been beneficial to our people to focus our efforts in key areas of giving.

MESSAGE: How would you encourage someone who was contemplating giving to MVP?

SISSEL: Do some research ahead of time and invest in the project of your choice. God loves a cheerful giver, so make sure that your donation comes from your heart. Lastly, tell someone about it! Spread the word of how fun it is to fulfill your part in being a Most Valuable Player to Mission Venture Plan.

[styled_box title=”Black Forest Fire Ministry” color=”blue”]Gateway Church Network has a campus right in the heart of the Black Forest Fire burn scar. Although the campus pastors, Vance and Rachel Terry, lost their home in the fire last summer, the church survived. The church views this as a blessing from God that has allowed them to help the community. Members of Gateway Church Black Forest Campus established a Soup Night to serve and get to know their neighbors. Families are now marking the date on their calendars to make sure they do not miss the opportunity to have dinner with their new Gateway family.

Derek Sissel, Gateway Church Network’s lead pastor said, “It always touches our hearts to hear so many different stories in the same tragedy. To be able to listen, share, and pray seems small, but we know God can produce big results.”

Gateway Church Network continues to look for opportunities to assist the Black Forest Community. The Network has given more than $12,500 in donations to recovery efforts. Sissel states, “With faith in Jesus Christ, we can point the way to a future hope that worldly disasters cannot ever take away.”

To see more pictures of the Black Forest Fire, go to

Vance and Rachel Terry and their family stand in front of their destroyed home.


About The Author

Derek Sissel is senior pastor of Gateway Church Network, Mountain Plains District Director, and founder of Open Bible School of Ministry, all based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He and Angie, his wife, have three teenagers.