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By Jordan Flowers

On January 9, 2019, our MOVE team of 37 men landed in Phenom Pen, Cambodia, on our way to construct a building for Lifesong Learning Center in Tamada village. We were met by Open Bible missionary Ly Houng Mak, our trip host and the director of the Center. After loading onto buses and navigating three hours of nail-biting traffic, we arrived at our hotel for the evening. The next morning after a breakfast of eggs, French fries, and spaghetti, we headed for the Lifesong Learning Center thirty minutes away.

Upon our reaching Lifesong, scores of children, eyes wide in amazement, came pouring out of their homes to behold 37 “white giants.” Eventually we earned their trust, evidenced by their excitement every time they saw us.

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For the first few days we were low on supplies and would finish the work we could get done with the limited supplies rather early in the day. Most used this “downtime” to get to know each other and catch up with old friends. Just when our patience was running thin, God provided materials dropped off by a local distributor, and we were able to get back to work. By the sixth or seventh day, the forms for the concrete were finished and put into place. However, the concrete truck did not arrive on schedule. This led to a late-night pour, assisted by flashlights. Yet if the crew would have waited for the next day to pour, we would not have been able to accomplish all that we did. The entire trip was a testament to the faithfulness of God and the resilience of men serving Him with all they have.

MOVE_Cambodia_CodyRheault (7)A couple days later, we toured the Killing Fields, where over three million Cambodians were slaughtered from 1975 to 1979 by the Communist regime known as the Khmer Rouge. An ominous weight of brokenness left us humbled.

That night, Brother Ly and his wife, Sarin, told us their stories. Sarin spoke of the horrors she had faced in this country before fleeing to America, yet she spoke with much joy for what God has done for her and how powerful He has been in her life. There was not a dry eye in the room as she laughed about her past pains because they were no longer bondage for her, just simple memories because God had brought her through.

Brother Ly spoke of how even though he and Sarin had managed to escape Cambodia for 30 years, God kept calling him back to minister. At first Brother Ly said he would go, but he asked God to give him some more time so he could earn his pension. Nonetheless he wanted to go before he reached the age of sixty. When Brother Ly was 57 years old, God reminded him of his promise. Shortly after, he and Sarin moved to Cambodia to Sarin’s former village of Tamada.

Sarin also shared that when she was in the third grade, a teacher asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up. She answered that she wanted to become a teacher in Tamada so kids could have access to education.

That same teacher reached out to Sarin in America, and she and Brother Ly sent money to pay for a class he was teaching in the village. Little did the Maks know that God was paving the way for them to assume leadership of the school when they returned to Cambodia and transform it into the beautiful Lifesong Learning Center. The building our team was working on was a building for which the Maks had been praying for more than nine years.

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God called 37 men from all different walks of life living on the other side of the globe to step out in faith and fly halfway around the world to help answer a nine-year-long, hopeful prayer. Dave Bethany said it perfectly:

We are here for those who will be impacted by the classes that will be taught in that building. We are here for God to prove to all the children in that school that He answers prayers and fulfills promises. Imagine when we leave this life for the next, and sometime during that everlasting eternity a child from Tamada will come up to you and say, “I remember you. You built a classroom where my mother, my sister, and I learned how to sew, and we were able to eat and stay off the streets. But even more so, because of that building, I met Jesus and that is how I became a citizen of heaven with you.”

In the end the second floor was poured and everything we had set out to do was done. God made a way. Legacy is about making an impact. This particular legacy belongs to the One who redeems the lives of the broken, the One who answers prayers, the One who keeps His promises. We were blessed to be part of the process.

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MSG MOVE Jordan Flowers w wife 0519Jordan Flowers (left, with his wife, Bailey) is in his fourth year at New Hope Christian College, where he is studying to be a pastor. He hopes to pastor a church in the Midwest and write books.

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