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Miracle-Invasion-book-C.O.B.People have never been so hungry for an authentic manifestation of God’s power. Missionary stories of miracles in other nations abound, but what about in our nation, our city, or our home? Testimonies of past miracles are prolific, but where are they in this generation?

Miracle Invasion features true stories, some about members of Open Bible Churches, that will rekindle expectation that the Holy Spirit is still alive and well, working in our time, on our continent, whenever we welcome His presence.

In Miracle Invasion, you will see:

• God is at work for your good – today!
• All things are possible with God.
• God is no respecter of persons. You matter to God.

The Holy Spirit has not forgotten about the twenty-first century Church. We serve an extraordinary God, who loves to act supernaturally on behalf of ordinary people.

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