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By Rhonda Boyer

Have you found your place as you embrace transition? Can you feel your life shake in this season of change?

Do you know it’s a gift, not just indecision? The Lord is now “taking the reins.” Can you surrender control and give praise?

There’s one place you always belong. Have you entered the secret place? Have you stopped from your own works to stand in a place of grace? Grace is an actual place, not just a concept and certainly not a feeling, but more than a principle. What’s the shaking revealing?

Have you invited the Lord to examine you intently and purify as needed and bring forth His desires? I encourage you today to embrace His love and fire and let go of opinions, to go up higher. No negative introspection, but Holy-Ghost-assisted review.

Have you lost a dream from God that once ignited you? Have you forgotten to obey a direction He gave to you? Could this be the timing to fulfill past “words” to you? Does your heart need a tune-up?

I challenge you to give God two days of undivided attention – no agenda on your part, no restriction and no limits on what you’ll allow Him to do. Consider your reaction and lift it up to the Lord too.

Feedback from a trusted friend and godly mentor is suggested, but don’t go into this encounter to get something to share, preach, teach, or report. The goal is to fully experience the Lord in person and to be real and yielded to Him in love – ready to obey and embrace change with humility and joy. He is the One to please and adore.

You’ll get to know yourself better as you invest time in the Lord. What are you waiting for?

© 2008 Rhonda Boyer. Used with permission.

Boyer-authorboxRhonda Boyer, a licensed Open Bible minister, delights in serving the Lord whether at church, prisons, retreats, or Walmart. Her messages include the fear of the Lord, healing the brokenhearted, and communion with God.

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