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By Andrea Johnson, Managing Editor

We had worn ourselves out gazing at lightning bugs, telling stories, singing songs, and performing fierce shadow puppet battles. I loved camping out with our children and felt privileged to now share the experience with our grandkids, even if it was just in our backyard. The kids, snuggled into their sleeping bags, were softly snoring.

I thought I saw a flash of light in the sky. I had checked the forecast and it was not supposed to rain. Maybe it was just heat lightning. Soon I heard the distinct sound of a water drop hitting the tent. Could it be dew from the tree? Next I felt the unmistakable rumble of thunder, and before long we were experiencing a good old Iowa thunderstorm. 

I lay there several minutes wondering whether or not I should take the kids into the house. The same tree that provided welcome shade during the day and sturdy branches for a kids’ swing now seemed threatening. What if one of the branches fell on top of our tent? As I lay there willing the storm to pass quickly, Angel, who was about three years old, stood up groggily, seemingly trying to figure out where he was. I asked him if he was ok thinking maybe he had to go the bathroom. But when I reached over to his sleeping bag to help him get back in, I realized it was soaked. It looked like I was too late!

The same tree that provided welcome shade during the day … now seemed threatening. What if one of the branches fell on top of our tent?

But then after more probing, I realized the poor little guy had been lying in a puddle of water. Our decades-old tent had failed us! How would I get the kids inside without them having to traipse across the water-logged yard, waking them up completely?

Time to call in the cavalry! Thankfully Grandpa Denny (who for some reason prefers beds to sleeping bags) had left his cell phone on for just such a crisis. Soon he appeared at the tent’s door with strong arms and a towel. One at a time he ferried each of our sleeping cherubs into our house where they were soon tucked into warm, dry beds.


The next day when their parents arrived and the kids related their tales, guess who emerged as the hero in the storm? Was it me, the one who planned the campout, pitched the tent on a hot, humid day, and endured the aches and pains that can only be acquired by sleeping on the hard, lumpy ground? Nope. It was Grandpa Denny who had come to their rescue!

Have you ever imagined yourself being a hero – rescuing someone from imminent danger? 

Believe it or not there are numerous opportunities to do just that. Many children don’t have anyone watching out for them, no one to guard them from the storms of everyday life. In this issue we will meet some real-life heroes, adoptive families who sacrifice daily their own comfort and well-being for children who otherwise wouldn’t have much of a chance.

What about you? Whether through adoption, mentoring, coaching, or simply investing in another person, we need more heroes. Is God calling you?

About The Author

Andrea Johnson
Managing Editor

In her spare time you will most likely find Andrea Johnson with family or friends, or outdoors hiking. She and her husband, Dennis, are blessed with four children and five grandchildren.