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On December 13, 2016, Kristina N. Goecker was commissioned into the Air Force Reserves Chaplain Candidate Program (CCP), a program run by the Reserves to train potential chaplains.

Kristina taking her oath of office for the United States Air Force.

Kristina taking her oath of office for the United States Air Force.

Kristina, a credentialed minister with Open Bible Churches since 2011, will attend Commissioned Officer Training (COT) in May of 2017. Accepted into the CCP, Kristina will spend her summers working as a chaplain candidate while pursuing a Master of Divinity degree. Kristina is currently working on her Master of Divinity degree through Liberty University.

Kristina’s father, Michael Goecker (see “Hope Beyond the Battle” in the May/June 2008 issue of the Message), is a retired Air Force chaplain, so Kristina grew up watching the sacrifices made by brave men and women keeping America safe and respected them highly. She has also personally experienced the challenges of being part of the family left behind.

She said, “My long-term goal is to serve as an active duty Air Force Chaplain. Over the past ten years God has repeatedly brought the men and women of the Air Force and their families to my mind. After much prayer, I have decided it is time to serve those that serve America. It is my desire to be able to minister to both the men and women serving our country and their dependents and help them to grow closer to the Lord and stronger as a family.”

Learn more about Open Bible’s Chaplain program here:

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