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Our team helped with every aspect of the production, including prayer and follow-up.

What began as a routine, scheduled “missions trip” turned out to be anything but routine. It became obvious God had prepared the way for us.

Launched in the fall of 2013, the School of Global Leadership’s first missions and evangelism training for Trinidadians was well received, with 40 students graduating. Those who completed the 25-week course were given the opportunity to join us on an optional missions trip to Guyana, in South America, as part of the practical training portion of the class.

Joseph and Sherry Ann Moore, Open Bible missionaries to Guyana.

We quickly discovered God had orchestrated everything about this trip. After faithfully serving at Open Bible Standard Church in Georgetown, Guyana, for nine years, missionaries Joseph and Sherry Ann Moore were concluding their time in Guyana and returning to Trinidad. They had originally planned to stay in Guyana only three months, but months turned into years, as they felt led to stay until they finished what God called them to do, including overseeing the construction of the new sanctuary.

An additional 50 people accepted Christ as team members ministered on the streets.[/caption]In addition, the dramatic production, “Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames,” was scheduled at the church for the first time. Our 15-person team from Trinidad became involved in every aspect of the production: promotion, set-up, acting, prayer, altar work, counseling, follow-up, and new believers’ training. Out of the 600 people who attended during the three nights, 92 people accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Before our team returned to Trinidad, 12 more people accepted Jesus, 25-30 people began attending a new believers’ class, and overall attendance at the church and two annexes increased. (Attendance at one annex doubled.) One of our team members started a new youth group, which already has 20 students in attendance.

During the three nights of the production, 92 people came to faith in Christ.

An additional 50 people accepted Christ as team members ministered on the streets.

God opened more doors for us when six of us returned to Guyana the following week. As we walked the streets, going door to door, people welcomed us into their homes to visit. Two ladies from our team stayed even longer in Guyana and found the favor of God as they visited with people. So far, an additional 50 people have accepted Jesus as Lord of their lives.

We may have “scheduled” a missions trip, but God laid out a plan for an Open Bible church to affect an entire nation.

The new sanctuary for Open Bible Standard Church in Georgetown, Guyana.

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Mike and Pam Lumbard

Mike and Pam, his wife, are Directors at the School of Global Leadership, a missions training school in Trinidad and Tobago.