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God is working in Trinidad in one of the most unlikely places.

Bayshore is a squatter community in the Marabella area that sprang up on either side of an old train line. What began years ago as a place for people to live is now, in its second or third generation, a community with a poverty mindset, common law marriage, desperation, and domestic abuse; it’s a haven for criminals and drug dealers. Viewed as a “hotspot” for crime, this area has been avoided for years by most Trinidadians, including the Church.

Fifteen years ago Open Bible began a work which continues to be the only Christian church on the “old train line” in Bayshore (see the January/February 2012 issue of the Message). Today the powerful influence of the Kingdom of God is being felt by hundreds of people who now call Bayshore home. This following story is one example:
Six years ago, under the direction of Pastor Ansyl Grant and his wife, Gail, people from the small church began monthly to do prayer walks up and down Bayshore, including the five blocks where drugs are sold. Every month without fail this church has “taken Jesus to the streets.” At the end of 2017 a prophetic word was given privately to Pastor Ansyl that there would be a murder which would open up Bayshore for revival.

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Five weeks before Easter 2018 a member of one drug gang was killed by a member of another drug gang right outside the Open Bible church. Instead of retreating to a safer area, just before Easter the church held an “open-air” service in the very same place as the murder, right outside the church. Eighty-six people, including one of the drug lords, filled the seats and stood outside of homes to hear the service. As worship and testimonies were lifted up, the presence of God settled on the street. At the end of the evening, in the very place where a man was murdered a few weeks before, eight people gave their lives to Jesus.

On Good Friday, some of the men from the church hosted a men’s breakfast to which they invited other men from the community. Twenty-five men who had never attended a church before came to the breakfast.

In June 2018 the church held another open-air service in another part of Bayshore. Worship filled the old train line and the surrounding homes. That night at least ninety people heard the message, and ten more people prayed to accept Jesus into their lives.

This is just the beginning. The walls are coming down!

What will the church do next? Within the next two weeks the church will be right back prayer walking every part of Bayshore. They will again take Jesus to the streets because light always pushes back darkness!

About The Author

Mike and Pam Lumbard

Mike and Pam, his wife, are Directors at the School of Global Leadership, a missions training school in Trinidad and Tobago.