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One of my childhood nicknames was Little Orphan Annie because my parents were always leaving me behind. (They claimed it was by accident….)

Once, when I was around three years of age, I was following other family members out of a barn when, to my dismay, my grandpa closed the door before I could reach it. I was stunned to hear him drop the bar to bolt the door (from the outside), but certain he would open it any moment. When he didn’t, I pounded on the door and yelled, but my voice was swallowed up by the old structure. It seemed like forever before someone noticed me missing and came back (in reality a few minutes). I was frightened, and a little miffed. How could they just leave me?

Have you ever felt abandoned? Maybe your parents were always busy, maybe you ate school lunches alone, maybe the love of your life didn’t stay. But have you thought what it would be like to be truly orphaned, to have no one?

The Bible reveals God’s specific concern for orphans. Kelley and Hannah Mast, from Kearney, Nebraska, share that compassion. They have committed to “be there” for four children in addition to their three biological kids.

But step-parenting, as Kelley and Hannah know well, is challenging. Have you ever wondered what Joseph thought when given the task of helping raise the Son of God? Imagine how he felt when he and Mary lost track of Jesus when He was only twelve. And it was at that event that Joseph was soundly reminded that he was NOT Jesus’ real dad.

At this time of year, we are reminded to be thankful that Joseph was obedient to his calling. Without fanfare, he faithfully helped raise God’s Son. So, too, Kelley and Hannah, and many others like them are obedient to their calling as well.

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Andrea Johnson
Managing Editor

In her spare time you will most likely find Andrea Johnson with family or friends, or outdoors hiking. She and her husband, Dennis, are blessed with four children and five grandchildren.