Disaster Response

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Open Bible’s Partner, Convoy of Hope, has deployed disaster services teams to respond to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria and the wildfires in Montana. News reports show that faith groups in coordination with FEMA provided the bulk of disaster recovery.

The only time Open Bible Churches does not channel giving through Convoy is on rare exceptions when the association becomes aware of specific Open Bible missions works or churches that are in need of assistance that might not reach them through Convoy’s more general distribution.

“Hurricane Irma is one of those exceptions,” President Randall A. Bach said. “Our churches in Cuba suffered significant damage and the assessment of damage continues to grow.

They do not have resources available to rebuild. No one else will help them if we do not.”

In the case of Hurricane Irma, will you please join us in providing disaster relief to the Open Bible Churches in Cuba?
Cuba Efforts

If contributions go beyond this particular need, we will route the extra funds for church construction in Cuba.

We are also providing assistance to Puerto Rico in response to the devastation leveled by Hurricane Maria and to Mexico in response to the needs resulting from the earthquake there.

Puerto Rico Efforts Mexico Efforts Partner with Convoy of Hope

Thank you for your generous heart in supporting our disaster relief efforts!

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