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Hurricane Florence made landfall on the 14th as a Category 1 hurricane. This has forced residents out of their homes and into shelters. Hurricane-force winds have hit the North Carolina outer banks and coastal southeastern North Carolina. Life-threatening storm surges, flooding and more rainfall are expected, according to the National Hurricane Center.

  • The Convoy of Hope Disaster Services Team arrived in Wilmington on Saturday evening and began setting up for distribution.
  • We are in contact with our church partners who have been affected or evacuated.
  • We are being mindful of our partners’ safety and security as we proceed.
  • The Convoy of Hope team is working in tropical storm conditions as we depart for the coastline area.
  • Rain and wind are major factors as we prepare to help those who are affected.
  • The Convoy of Hope team is delivering supplies to the North Carolina National Guard and Emergency Management officials throughout the state for distribution at multiple sites, including shelters.


Your contributions will assist in two ways: First, CityLife, our Open Bible Church in Wilmington, North Carolina, is working to provide relief for many of its members caught by the storm and who are temporarily residing in shelters. Personal care necessities, such as toilet paper and baby wipes, are in short supply. Drinkable water is needed. Gasoline for chain saws is hard to obtain. Pastor Mike Dickey is coordinating efforts to meet these and other needs of members of the congregation who are in need.

Second, Open Bible’s partner, Convoy of Hope, has a Disaster Services fleet and team and they are fully deployed in the field, prepositioning assets and setting up points of distribution in the areas hardest hit. The team will handle bulk distribution for storm survivors including food, water, emergency supplies and hygiene kits, as needed.

Thank you for your prayers and loving response.

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