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The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President,

Letter-to-Trump-webI am praying for you. I am confident that ministers and church members of our association, for which I serve as president, are also praying for you. Thank you for serving our nation.

I understand that in announcing the temporary ban on immigration from seven nations while our vetting policy is reviewed, you were fulfilling a campaign pledge based on a concern to protect our nation’s safety. That is a major task in an era when terrorists are able to reach virtually anywhere in the world and particularly want to target the United States. My encouragement to people has been to pray for you and your advisors as the vetting review is underway. Although a firestorm of protests has erupted as a result of the bans I am not writing because of that, although my suggestions could speak to the reaction.

In the process of the policy review I humbly suggest:

  • Take great care to not crush the compassionate heart of America for people who are victims of oppression and unspeakable cruelties, outcasts within their homelands. To care for the oppressed and downtrodden is close the heart of God and is, I submit, one of the reasons He has blessed the United States. Our nation has been enriched beyond measure by generations of immigrants and refugees who long for the safety, freedom, and opportunity of America. Their record of industriousness, entrepreneurial vigor, and loyalty to their adopted nation has been sterling. Protect America, but not at the price of shutting down the admission of refugees.
  • Closely consult with refugee relief agencies. They could become key allies for the next policy implementation. Astound your critics with a policy rollout that actually identifies and expedites processing of qualified applicants for refugee status. There are many relief agencies with which to consult but I have been particularly impressed with the blend of compassion and professionalism that World Relief and World Vision exhibit.
  • Although it may be challenging, complete the vetting review and implement the updated version before the 90- and 120-day bans are completed. Surprise the nation with the speed and thoroughness of the review, with a policy clearly marked by compassion and the input of agencies with refugee expertise that improves vetting rather than merely slowing it down.

Thank you for leading our nation. Thank you for listening to the nation. Thank you for listening to God.

Most respectfully,

Randall A. Bach
Open Bible Churches

Local News, WHOTV Interviewed President Bach

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