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Deborah Quamina is definitely a “Daddy’s girl,” and describes her mom as “the best!” One might expect that, knowing Debbie’s parents were pastors and missionaries. What you might not expect is the native of Trinidad and Tobago didn’t meet her adoptive parents until she was 13, having been put out of her biological family’s home for following Christ.

When Deborah talks about her dad, Weldon Davis, it is in glowing terms. Not surprisingly, Debbie is close to her Heavenly Father as well. So grateful is she that even though she and her husband pastor the largest church in Open Bible, her home has become a place of refuge for many who need a little extra love or a place to lay their head.

Like Deborah, Yaeko Oshinaga, wife of Japan’s former Open Bible field director, was also forced to choose between her biological family and her Heavenly Father after a missionary family introduced her to Christ. Our brothers and sisters around the world are constantly required to make these kinds of choices.

The world was shocked on October 3 to learn that a ship carrying an estimated 500 passengers, predominantly from Eritrea and Somalia, sank near the Italian island of Lampedusa. Most of the 250 Africans who drowned were Christians fleeing religious persecution. The BBC reports that over the past 25 years about 20,000 migrants from Africa died trying to reach Europe. Eritrea ranks tenth on the World Watch List of Christian persecution; Somalia ranks fifth.

We must not abandon family in their time of need. Just as missionaries took in these two precious ladies, we must do everything within our power to support, care for, and intercede for our brothers and sisters.

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