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Be Inspired, Challenged, Equipped.

I knew I could do more, and I knew I needed to. I was thankful for my undergraduate degree but I was inspired to take the next step by pursuing a master’s degree. Was it required for my ministry work? No. Did anyone tell me I needed to do it? Not really. I just felt like the real me should work for and earn that graduate degree.

The inspiration didn’t go away. I wrestled with the usual questions: How could I afford it? I was already so busy; where would I find the time? Did I have the energy to carry my already heavy load and also do master’s work? But deep down inside, I knew I would feel incomplete if I did not go for it and a life clock was ticking. I finally realized that I would just continue to come up with questions for which I could not possibly arrive at satisfactory answers. That was like a frustrating, dead-end street. I had to listen to my heart and trust God for answers to the questions. I had to listen to that quiet voice which would not go away.

Are you inspired to pursue a master’s degree? Our M.A. cohort with Wheaton College is an excellent opportunity. You might not get a chance like this again. Heed the voice.

MSG Ad Wheaton cohort Tammy-300px“Completing a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies was one of the best investments I made in ministry and myself. The studies challenged my thinking, deepened my understanding of my mission and God’s Word, and fostered relationships with people I never would have known had I not studied with them.”

Tammy Swailes, Open Bible missionary, Eastern Europe

BartBentley_400x400“Seminary provided me a fleeting glimpse of the scope of God’s kingdom across time and geography. It is vast, and its heroes are beyond count. To be invited into that Kingdom is very humbling, and humility is essential for Christian leaders.”

Bart Bentley, Open Bible pastor, Journey Church Ministries, Loves Park, Illinois

For more information contact Tell them you are interested in the Open Bible M.A. cohort.

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About The Author

Randall Bach
President of Open Bible Churches

Randall Bach delights in opportunities to serve the Lord, including his current assignment as president of Open Bible Churches. He and Barbara, his wife, have been in ministry for over 46 years and call it “Our adventure together.” Randall loves the church, pastors, and church leaders and is convinced that God loves to work through them to make disciples, develop leaders, and plant churches.