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By Nancy Vencill

I am a wife of one, mother to four, “Nanny” to three (so far), children’s pastor to many, and chaplain to six companies. I love listening! I love listening to people share deep things that they are experiencing. I love listening for the Holy Spirit to give me open-ended questions that probe even deeper. He works in ways we cannot see because He knows the bigger plan for the people I have contact with each week, and He loves them with an everlasting love!

I became a Marketplace Chaplain at the end of 2017. Ever since my first company visit, the Lord has been opening doors right and left. As I began listening at one particular company for which I am a chaplain, I was amazed at one woman’s story. The death of a parent, an illness in her son, the journey of marriage, and the ups and downs of the business world have all been challenges that have confronted her. She continues to be an advocate for her son as he navigates all the ups and downs of his illness, including being the target of bullies. I often pray in her work area after she shares something particularly difficult. The Lord gives this super mom peace, strength, and the fortitude to keep pressing in to Him. I am grateful for the opportunity to be used by God’s hand to encourage her and to see how He is using her to touch others with His love too.

An employee at another company asked me to pray for her brother-in-law who had suffered from a stroke on his right side, her grandson who had become a gunner in the Army, and for herself as she was still grieving the loss of her husband. Miraculously, the Holy Spirit brought peace as we prayed together. The employee later said she had never thought she could open up and share like she had, but she felt such a peace after we prayed that she was glad she did.

Less than a week after my visit with the widow, I woke early on a Saturday morning to my phone ringing. The man on the end of the line was saying over and over that he needed prayer. I asked him his name and he said that his name didn’t matter. He did tell me the company he worked for. As I started to pray, he cried, and the Holy Spirit brought his name to my mind.

When I asked if that was his name he said, “Yes, how did you know?” I told him the Holy Spirit reminded me.

He said, “I believe that can happen.” As we finished praying a second time, he said he felt a weight had been lifted.

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Another employee called one afternoon and said her sixteen-year-old son had been charged with burglary. She was praying that they would keep him in jail. She had been trying to get him help for several years, but the system seemed to give him a slap on the wrist and release him. He had been on a home monitor at least fifteen times and completed countless hours of community service. We prayed that God would give the concerned mother the strength to say what needed to be said and that the court would see that her son needed an intervention.

She called later that week so excited! The probation officer that had been handling the case was unavailable for court. An alternative officer appeared instead and presented the information to the court. This officer said everything the mom had wanted said to the judge, preventing her from having to speak out against her son. The judge handed down a sentence the mom was pleased with, which included some help the mom had been unable to afford. We prayed and praised the Lord for seeing the heart of a single mom who wants a relationship with her son. She is not blind to the fact that he needs a huge wake-up call. We are continuing to pray for him to have an encounter with Jesus during his incarceration. We will be going for a visit when the opportunity comes.

The Vencills have four adult children and three grandchildren.

The Vencills have four adult children and three grandchildren.

Several office employees request prayer by way of texting. A daughter of a nursing home resident recently texted me her thanks for visiting the home and singing to her dad. A staff member at the nursing home texts when she needs prayer as she attempts to give up smoking. Several young moms text me to ask for prayer. Some need healing, some need to keep their jobs, and some want to make a better life for their kids than they have right now.

The Holy Spirit has opened doors in so many ways, including the recovery of a lost wallet. Recently a person was driving on a busy road when he saw a pink wallet lying in the road. He turned around, stopped his truck, and retrieved it. Looking inside the wallet for identification, he found the owner’s driver’s license but no phone number or contact information. Then he came across my business card, so he called me and arranged for me to pick up the wallet that night. I was able to notify the owner via Facebook messenger that her wallet had been found, much to her relief! Praise the Lord that a Christian man listened to the Holy Spirit and turned around on that busy street!

Each week as I make my rounds, I pray the Lord will help me minister His grace, healing, and love. I am so grateful the Lord has opened this opportunity for me to do what I was designed to do: listen to the stories of others, pray with them about their needs, and raise up godly men and women to touch the nations and spread the light and life of Jesus every day!

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Nancy Vencill serves alongside her husband, Ralph, the love of her life and senior pastor of Bellbrook Community Church in Bellbrook, Ohio. She also ministers as a chaplain with Marketplace Chaplains, a ministry partner of Open Bible Churches.

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