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By Andrea Johnson

Have you ever planned a big event and worried that something would go wrong or that no one would show up? Pastors do that nearly every week in preparing for a normal service. The weightier part of their calling, though, is their responsibility to God for those in their care. The Apostle Peter instructs fellow elders: “be compassionate shepherds who tenderly care for God’s flock and who feed them well, for you have the responsibility to guide, protect, and oversee” (1 Peter 5:2, TPT). That’s a tall order, and in addition a pastor has his own family to guide, protect, and oversee as well.

Many of us realize the importance of praying for our pastors, and many resources are available to assist in that effort. That being said, I wanted to hear from pastors themselves, so I asked several Open Bible pastors on Facebook to name the top two ways they would like their church families to pray for them. Following is a summation of their answers:

  1. That we would maintain a vibrant, close, loving relationship with Christ.
  2. For protection and victory against the enemy – for our family’s protection and health, specifically regarding our marriages.
  3. For vision, for God’s next step in His leading of our flock.
  4. That we would serve under the Holy Spirit’s anointing, from which flows holiness, faith, and discernment.
  5. For wisdom to lead God’s people – for clarity and wisdom in counseling situations, discipling people, and leading our churches.
  6. For boldness to step off of the sidelines, even in a society where Christianity isn’t the norm.
  7. For us to keep our priorities in line: God first, family next, then the church.
  8. For revival (the Holy Spirit’s presence) in our churches that causes the whole church to evangelize.
  9. That God would help you to be a supportive church member.
  10. For provision for ministry and family.

I suggest you focus on at least one of these areas each day, taking time to ask the Holy Spirit to guide you as you pray. He may instruct you to pray in other ways as well. In addition to praying, be that person the pastor can count on to have his or her back and to be a support.

To help you remember how to pray for your pastors, we’ve provided a bookmark that you can use! Be sure to print the bookmark on letter size paper, cut in half along solid grey line, and fold along dotted grey line.

Download the bookmark!

About The Author

Andrea Johnson
Managing Editor

In her spare time you will most likely find Andrea Johnson with family or friends, or outdoors hiking. She and her husband, Dennis, are blessed with four children and five grandchildren.